Bath Remodeling— Bath Lighting and Switches

Whether applying makeup, shaving, soaking in the tub with a glass of wine or taking a long hot shower, the lighting in your bathroom should be broadly flexible to fit all your needs.  Lighting fixtures installed above or to the side of each vanity mirror plus ceiling lighting will give you an adequate amount of light for getting ready in the morning.  And an added plus is that this ceiling lighting in the form of dimmable recessed lights when added to the light of the vanity fixtures usually will allow for completely balanced lighting over the entire room. Still if you wish to add a dramatic touch and a bit of excitement add a chandelier over the tub.


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THE WOODMARK WAY on Bath Lighting and Switches

Dimmers are installed at every switch where they are helpful.

Screws on switch plates and outlet plates are turned vertical to match throughout the bath

All switch plates and outlet plates are the same size.  Using larger ones to cover a larger existing hole is not allowed. We simply reduce the size of the hole such that there is uniformity of all switch plates and outlet plates.

All switch plates and outlet plates are aligned on a level plane.  Those over the vanity splash are placed at exactly the same distance from the finished vanity top.  If at all possible they are aligned symmetrically left to right over the vanity top.

We attempt to maintain the consistency of switch plate styles and color from your bathroom throughout the remainder of your home for eye pleasing consistency.

Please call for free advice on improving your bath lighting and obtain remodeling pricing.

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