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     Choosing the correct Houston kitchen remodeling expert to deliver the level of precision you expect in remodeling your kitchen in Houston is very important.  In making this decision it is important to note that there is sometimes a huge difference in remodeling results between residential general contractors who remodel kitchens in Houston and kitchen and bath remodelers who remodel kitchens in Houston.  Residential general contractors do a wide variety of work which usually includes kitchen remodeling.  They often do a great deal of work on the exteriors of homes such as siding replacement and concrete work.   On the other hand those doing professional residential kitchen remodeling in Houston only work on kitchens.  Still they will do work in addition to your kitchen in other parts of your home to satisfy your needs.

    The difference between the kitchen and bath remodelers and general contractors is one of precision.  To most kitchen remodelers design detail and exact placement of each element within a kitchen is very important to them and their tradesmen. Just one example of the difference may be seen in comparing a framing carpenter employed by a general contractor doing remodeling with one employed by a professional kitchen remodeler.  Most trades develop an average level of precision throughout a job through the human force of habit.  If they are building an entire structure an acceptable error tolerance in the placement of a 2 x 4 stud of ¼” or even ½” or ¾” may be fine in many instances. But when they are placing this same structural member in remodeling a kitchen, this level of tolerance may force the placement of an outlet or switch box off center in the kitchen backsplash and result in a lack of symmetry in tile placement on it.  And because the error may not be discovered until after kitchen cabinets and tile are installed it may be difficult to correct.  A kitchen often requires the exact placement of a stud to accomodate a required design element in front of it.


Additionally residential general contractors who remodel may also be less precise regarding design because most of them obtain their work through competitive bidding of plans and specifications.  They are trained to rarely go further than what the plans and specifications call for. On the other hand, those tradesmen who primarily do kitchens and baths on a daily basis will be much more likely to have habits of greater precision since remodeling a kitchen in Houston requires it.   Since competent and honest kitchen and bath remodelers in Houston look upon their business as a personal service, they daily will look for opportunities to further refine the design and more precisely construct each element in your kitchen to please you more. 

At Woodmark we call these habits of greater remodeling precision The Woodmark Way .

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