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Restoring existing kitchen cabinets in Houston

Custom building kitchen cabinets on site in Houston 

Purchasing factory kitchen cabinets for your Houston kitchen

Restoring existing kitchen cabinets in Houston

When restoring your Houston kitchen cabinets it is generally wiser to paint these cabinets rather than to stain them.  Staining these kitchen cupboards is quite difficult. If your kitchen cabinets are presently stained, the stain must be applied as a glaze over the varnish on your cabinets where it is very difficult and costly to produce a satisfactory result. On the other hand, with proper detail preparation almost any kitchen cabinet in the Bayou City with a good plywood structure can be made to look almost like new if painted by a careful painter.  Early Houston homes in Memorial, The Galleria and River Oaks generally had cabinets built of plywood by quite competent carpenters.  If all surfaces of your cabinets including an open ash grain or raw edges of the plywood behind the cabinet doors are properly prepared, a virtually perfect surface can be achieved.  After new cabinet doors are installed your cooking area cabinets can look like new!

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Custom building kitchen cabinets on site in Houston

The quality of custom built kitchen cabinets in Houston or elsewhere can vary as widely as the quality of Houston cabinetmaker crews. Some crews are small in number with each member being a highly experienced cabinetmaker. Other crews are large so as to be able to complete the large custom homes they generally work on. Each crew member's experience on these large crews can vary widely.  As a result most of the cabinets in these kitchens are often built by those having little experience.  On kitchen cabinets the important question to ask is WHO will build the cabinets, how many cabinetmakers are involved and what is their individual experience. 

To obtain quality custom cabinets you must focus on the details of cabinet constuction. And you must be aware that well constructed kitchen cabinets will almost always take longer to build as those are often built by only one or two cabinet makers having many years of experience. 

But in any event these custom built cabinets have the huge advantage of being built to FIT your kitchen.

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Purchasing factory kitchen cabinets for your Houston kitchen 

The quality of factory kitchen cabinets can vary widely.  And with factory cabinets nothing is truer than the comment “you get what you pay for”.  To the untrained eye the difference at the outset may not be readily apparent.  But if you opt to purchase lower priced cabinets you willl see that over time these cabinets will not hold up. They will lose their good appearance with daily use. and when you sell your home these low priced cabinets will diminsh the value of your entire home. A much better decision would be to choose custom built cabinets built of real wood--not particleboard--which in flood prone Houston will be in good condition ever after most floods. These cabinets would be soundly built to hold up under many years of use.


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