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Your new kitchen appliances can dazzle and be the focal point of your kitchen or you can subdue the effect these appliances have by installing cabinet panels on the face of them . . .  or anything in between.  Your choice of the latest appliances will give a modern look to your kitchen!

This desire to buy new kitchen appliances often drives your kitchen remodeling project.  And like buying a new car, installing new appliances means improved convenience, style, and features.  Since cooking technology has progressed rapidly you must refresh yourself on the wide number of options available today.  And because of this wide variation in the different types of appliances it is generally not just a matter of installing your new appliances when they are received.  Proper planning and preparation of the new cabinets for them must be completed. Cabinet openings, new electrical loads, plumbing pipe sizes, and even air conditioning requirements must be evaluated by your kitchen and bath remodeler to make certain that the kitchen appliances you purchase will work for you. 



Vent Hoods

Wall Ovens


Microwave Ovens

Wine Coolers

Please call us to discuss fitting new appliances into your kitchen!

The Woodmark Way on APPLIANCES

Allowing you complete flexibility in building your kitchen cabinets to accommodate your appliances enables you to use the kitchen appliances of your choice without compromising on anything.


We consult with you on the optimal size of each kitchen appliance prior to your purchase so that you may take into consideration other priorities in your kitchen before purchasing them.  Starting with your appliance choices in designing your kitchen can sometimes create just enough extra space to add another stack of drawers.

For your convenience we leave existing cooking surfaces where they are for your use until their removal is absolutely necessary to prevent affecting the critical path progress of your kitchen remodeling.

For your convenience we leave refrigerators always readily accessible to you. During construction water lines may often remain attached for the icemaker if you prefer.

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