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Good designers are good listeners.  And kitchen designers are particularly good listeners.  Plus their approach to kitchen design requires a balancing act.  They must properly balance your desires regarding design distinction, functionality and cost. They must learn whether your Houston kitchen is primarily being remodeled for your personal enjoyment or for resale. They must ask a number of broad questions such as:  What is in your best  interest immediately?  Or over the long run?  What is your daily schedule?  What considerations do you feel are the most important to you throughout the project?  Plus a number of other detailed questions must also be asked.

Kitchen designers are more akin to engineers than artists or interior designers.  They must provide adequate space for the storage of food while still allowing easy access to kitchen equipment to prepare it.  They must concern themselves with the flow of a changing number of people within the space who are preparing the food, while other of their friends and guests might be moving through it also.  Still they also must concern themselves equally with esthetics so there are those who are broadly experienced, who have both interior design and kitchen and bath design backgrounds.

A Houston homeowner contemplating a kitchen remodel can do no better than to go to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) website to evaluate and maybe hire a Houston kitchen designer.  Most serious kitchen designers are members of this group and many have certifications in their craft.  Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD’s) must go through training and testing to achieve their certification. Houston ’s NKBA chapter has the honor of having both Suzie Williford and Peggy McGowen who have been National President of our 38,000 member body. This reflection of the obvious importance that Houston homeowners attach to their kitchens has resulted in the construction of many beautiful kitchens in the Greater Houston area.

In Houston most kitchen designers are employed by vendors. These vendors include cabinet vendors, plumbing hardware vendors, granite countertop vendors and others whose kitchen designers on their staff all are a credit to their profession and give value to those who buy these vendors products.  The specific and very knowledgeable advice they provide allows those who are remodeling their kitchens to make thoughtful, well informed buying decisions on kitchen products.

In Houston in addition to these kitchen designers working for vendors there are a smaller number of solo professionals who only create drawings for kitchens and baths—they are not a contractor or dealer employee or employed by a vendor.  They are completely independent and often make their living solely by drawing up blueprints for kitchens and baths.  A few have had over 30 years experience in the industry.  Using them is always a good experience.

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