Bath Remodeling— Bath Vanity Tops

Most Houston baths today are remodeled using either granite, manufactured stone or still in some cases marble for bath vanity tops.  Marble has been used much less frequently in recent years as it tends to stain more easily as it is a softer stone.


In Houston granite is an exceptionally good value.  Your bath will include a cost of only about a third of that which is paid by residents of say New York or L. A.   There is a reason for this.  Houston is in close proximity to South America which has had stone workers for thousands of years:  (The Incas DID know how to work stone).  Plus Houston having one of America ’s largest international ports readily obtains containers of granite from all over the world.

Different granite has different levels of hardness.  The granite fabricator employed by Woodmark will supply the granite slabs from its own inventory or will approve any slabs you select from other vendors so that it might guarantee a durable final result.  You are allowed to select slabs from among any of the many vendors in Houston , but since our granite fabricator owns its own quarries abroad if it supplies your granite from its extensive selection the granite part of your kitchen will be at a lower cost.

Manufactured stone

Manufactured stone is generally chosen for its engineered hardness and the wide variety of lighter colors available.  It is fabricated in much the same way as granite.  Its one disadvantage is that over time as newer colors are developed the color you choose today may not be in fashion down the road.  And it is somewhat more vulnerable to being damaged by a very hot object being placed on it than is granite.


Granite or manufactured stone top checklist:

  • Verify top of each continuous vanity cabinet is level.
  • Verify all edges properly meet wood trim on doors and windows with preferably space in between.
  • Verify backsplash wall is not bowed.
  • Verify drop in vanity sink cutout is properly supported and centered over vanity cabinet.
  • Verify undermount vanity sink is properly supported and centered over vanity cabinet.
  • Verify veining if any is in proper direction.
  • Verify vanity tops pitch forward from backsplash to front edge 1/16" to 1/8"
  • Verify vanity tops level within 1/8"

BC plywood rather than the commonly used lower grade CDX plywood is installed under all granite and manufactured stone vanity tops to create a flat surface and to give uniform support during installation.

Woodmark offers a 1 ¼” overhang on its granite vanity tops instead of 1 ½” which is more common.  We call this The Woodmark Edge.  Although this tighter tolerance requires more precisely built cabinets and a more perfect installation of the granite vanity top, this refinement gives the feeling of created furniture to your vanity cabinet.

Please call for a free design consultation and plus remodeling pricing!

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